Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Neverwinter Astral Diamonds to Zen Related information

Zen is a in game currency in neverwinter, which can be bought by astral diamonds. But do you have the details information about Zen? The following we will give you the details information about it. Zen is obtained from their online store for real life money. You could also use Astral Diamonds to buy Zen from other players, and we'll cover that in just a minute.

 Zen can be used to purchase a lot of items, most of its either cosmetic or convenient-type items. You can get bags, dyes, consumable items with a lot of charges. For example, there's healing stones that will heal you, but they'll have 200 charges. You get vanity clothing, additional character slots neverwinter astral diamonds to zen, things of that nature. You can also buy a character name change with Zen. That means if you have enough zen buying by Astral diamonds, you can buy more items.